“Don’t be afraid to give it a try because it’s helpful.  Everything you’ve said has been in a positive, nonjudgemental way.”

Pabboo Redfeather

We will contact you to set up your free consultation!

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“You’re the most kind, compassionate person I know.  You are down to earth, compassionate and caring.  You are going to change the world, at least for the people fortunate enough to work with you.”

Robbin Lebarron

After the free consultation, you will have:


– a simple FREE 10 Step Quick Start Guide for how to continue on your own

– you will see actual progress toward decluttering or dehoarding that you will complete during the call

– you will know about free and paid resources for continuing your progress 

– a light at the end of the tunnel


You’re Awesome and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

~ Lindsey


I attended a class from The Clutter Reduction Program… and learned many new tips to help me in the process of organizing my house.  It has been years of clutter and I am ready to tackle this problem.  She is very patient and provides many tools to help you stay focused and gives you homework to keep the ball rolling.  She helps you to set small, attainable goals so that you can stay positive.    

K Allen

“I work long, hours…physical demanding job and too tired and depressed to clean anything at home after work.  Thanks to you, I tackled a little hidden mess tonight…15 mins…not long to cause me back pain and quick enough to make improvements that are visible.”

46 year old, EMT, New Jersey

“I really like the class and I like the physical aspects of the cleaning and separating.  I really like how you talked about honoring and loving yourself.  Great class.”

- D

“Great class.  Helpful.”

- B